1. V-tronics 101: A gentle introduction to The Most Serene Republic of Bitcoin's cryptographically-backed version control system
  2. Money, Trust, and the Wild Wild Web (A socioeconomic history of SSL, or that green lock symbol in your browser)
  3. The measure of a state is its ability to deny benefits to outsiders
  4. Defend the world-trashers at the expense of those doing their tiny damndest, and lets see where that gets you
  5. The Monotonically-Increasing Fucked-up-ed-ness of Apple Software (or, how to sync your contacts to the iPhone without exhuming Steve Himself)
  6. [UPDATE] WOTPASTE changes
  7. [ANN] WOTPASTE Alpha (oh and I found another fucked up corner of GPG...)
  8. Development Costs of User Interface Development (and mitigating them with Clojure/Script)
  9. Links 2015-11-15 Sun: PumPum, evidence of an oil glut, garbage text generators, "information security", constraint-solving and pattern matching in Common Lisp, and a roboticized freight terminal!
  10. Don't say tragedy of the commons. Don't say it!
  11. Inside Apple's perfectionism machine, adnotated
  12. Links 2015-10-31 Sat: self-driving cars, short fiction, Nigerian lolz, ship photos, Volkswagen's embroilment in ship engine number fudging, planes landing on cargo ships, the Palestinian Authority and more!
  13. The myths of "the good life" and that work should be fun and happen in a fun place only serve to enslave you to the progressive's hedonic treadmill
  14. static compilation woes
  15. links 2015-10-16 Fri
  16. dakota french toast, fried bananas and salad
  17. Supply's down, demand's up, better get the state involved!
  18. excising DNS lookups from bitcoind: asciilifeform's patches
  19. a tour of bitcoind booting to its first thread
  20. adult breakfast-for-dinner
  21. just another day in sunny cascadia
  22. in la serenissima, inflation prices you in
  23. happy friday!
  24. frantic activity as a defense against impotence - with poop!
  25. how to process bitcoin transactions for your webapp (or: the ghetto watch-only-wallet)
  26. lords of cascadia
  27. electronics hack night featuring the twiddler and asciilifeform's TRNG
  28. A brief history of the Bitcoin Foundation's activity from 10/2014 through 4/2015
  29. fyooturgigs: knife sharpener, garbage-sorter, computational sommelier
  30. Well welcomed, the warrior
  31. Bitcoin needs no changes to destroy your world
  32. Hacking on the Satoshi Codebase: Some Pointers
  33. What does it mean to "bitcoinate"? And just as importantly, what does bitcoinating not include?
  34. The Bitcoin Foundation (Or: La Serenissima Tilts at Windmills, or: So You Want to Hack on Bitcoin, or: The Bitcoin Tax)
  35. Notes on Increasing the Maximum Bitcoin Block Size (or, "Why it ain't happenin'")
  36. Technical Flaws in Early Ether Wallet Implementations
  37. Instructions on Building Bitcoin 0.5.3 from Source on Debian 6 (Squeeze)
  38. A summary of changes to Bitcoin since 0.3.21
  39. scp with agent forwarding
  40. untitled
  41. Coinbase "insurance" - cold storage uninsured, nothing insured against the government
  42. so you want to coordinate an EC2 instance and an RDS instance in a VPC from scratch
  43. All About the MPEx DERPs
  44. upgrade u
  45. Conformal are the Real Bitcoin Core Devs
  46. city of bridges - here and there
  47. Andreas Antonopolous as canonical example of why you can't trust someone not in the WoT
  48. nothing beats reading the source - boto and s3 and multiple-arity edition
  49. Digging out of one's own holes
  50. this is why distributed exchanges are doomed to failure
  51. relics of a bygone era...
  52. where the sidewalk ends - an exercise in creative technology use
  53. look at this ridiculous american penny
  54. punking MS users via the blockchain
  55. there are 12.7 million lines of code in MySQL
  56. Cascadian Hacker - now with ads!
  57. greece imposing 33% tax on their saviors
  58. sslcacertfile > fingerprint on disk
  59. import the sweet, export the crude
  60. bitcoin's still too small to matter
  61. some things that bug me about clojure
  62. prefer emacs-in-terminal to emacs-with-native-ui
  63. the unfungibility of the USD
  64. Scams everywhere! Nobody cares, though.
  65. First they came for the porn stars bank accounts...
  66. better bash scripting
  67. ERC WoT integration - such gift!
  68. No more statute of limitations for the IRS
  69. There is no recourse in Bitcoin - only trust and identity
  70. 'all business transactions are fictitious'
  71. Names, Keys
  72. #bitcoin-assets new WoT and voice model
  73. Bitcoin Q1 2014
  74. I Don't Build VMs on Developer Machines
  75. McChrystal on Leadership
  76. Havelock Freezes NEOBEE Trading, ThickAsThieves Steps Down as Fund Manager
  77. Havelock - The New GLBSE (or, The Rentalstarter Scam)
  78. Why WoT? Why Now? The Bitcoin Immune System
  79. design by nubbins`
  80. The Tragedy of Remote Hands - 'Canadian Bitcoins' robbed of 143.94฿
  81. Webwallets Will Always Fail - Fr33aid's wallet robbed, complicit in 2FA compromise
  82. The Satoshi Dice Contract
  83. The SEC doth breach itself upon the rocks of MPEx, and Popescu himself
  84. You Have Not Found Satoshi
  85. Notes from the Shavers Deposition
  86. Those coins, they'll be happy with their new master
  87. MultiCoinWallet: Considered Harmful
  88. Disruptive businesses banned in the States; Japan locks citizens out of Bitcoin economy
  89. epic trolling on
  90. In Which I Speak In Public on a Python Lisp
  91. "Java methods return exactly zero or one value..."
  92. Monumental Dicks
  93. work, and not having any
  94. On Jaynes' The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
  95. #bitcoin-otc web of trust backups
  96. The Waste Will Out; Better Garbage Solutions
  97. Evolution of Spin: Money Laundering -> "Transfers Too Large", or, US States Push Bitcoin to the WOT
  98. Inertia
  99. Bitcoiners Upset at Apple Understand Neither Apple's Business Model nor Bitcoin
  100. On the Importance of Contracts: The Rentalstarter Case
  101. OgNasty - Pirate With No Flag
  102. Locked In For Life - Apple Edition
  103. The Pirate Pass Through
  104. Closed Asset on MPEx - O.HASH.P/C10TH
  105. B.PPTAPR.SYNTH, or, Now You Can Short Pirate Too!
  106. An Incomplete List of Bitcoin "Investments"
  107. MPOE Stress Testing
  108. Mix your coins for 1% - Bitbet as Mixer
  109. Fetish Operation Taking BTC ca. 2011
  110. What is a Code Dojo?
  111. Bitcoin is here to save you from your bank
  112. Notes on MPEx Historical Bond Rates and Other Data
  113. The Inanity of a Closed Platform
  114. "Bitcoin 2.0", or, Misunderstanding the Role of Technical Innovation
  115. PDX Clojure Dojo: Jan 2014
  116. Scramble Over Mountains - Do Not Shift Them
  117. Pervert Your Environment
  118. Datomic Pro Starter Edition Dev Booting Notes
  119. CRS on BTC: Notes and Jokes
  120. Your Behavior is Your Problem
  121. changelog, o-blog customization notes, some elisp
  122. Bootstrap Alternative - Pure
  123. CoreOS and boot2docker
  124. Yelp Privacy: Probably For Yelp, Not 'Reviewers'
  125. best modal evar
  126. Paleo in Portland
  127. Open-Faced Grilled Cheese
  128. Chorizo Breakfast Tacos
  129. It's Not Your Computer - Apple Edition
  130. Accidental Dependency Hell - Evernote Episode
  131. Ethics from the Barrel of a Gun
  132. Unescaping in Org-Mode and O-blog (plus workflow notes)
  133. Log in with Crypto: Only Moderately Bad Ideas Edition