December 2, 2016

Software Maintenance Costs and Depreciation Schedules

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From Mircea Popescu's "The planetary model of software development.":

mircea_popescu: ...It's starting to look to me as if software is in the same situation, every distinct item gravitating against the Sun of practice.
diana_coman: ...FWIW as experience: this structure of the bot which is quite sane still is actually at least the 2nd total re-write basically. Not [...]

November 18, 2016

How to (Actually) Process Bitcoin Transactions

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James Stanley developed opinions about how to handle bitcoins while building a nifty, supposedly anonymous, Bitcoin/telephony bridge. Unfortunately, he labors outside the walls of the Most Serene Republic of Bitcoin, and so he's missing the typical 30-point bump in IQ that can be had for simply reading the logs1. As they say, "build one to [...]

November 17, 2016

[ANN] a mailhole

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announcing: a mailhole

October 26, 2016

Ad-hoc routing: another benefit to life in The Republic

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Behold, the amazing benefits conferred upon even peripheral members The Most Serene Republic of Bitcoin's Web of Trust, and casual observers of court proceedings in #trilema:

2016-10-25 18:33:34 +asciilifeform in other noose:

October 23, 2016

Halloween pre-fab

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The girl barreled out
fresh from a long bout
'gainst a strep' that wanted to torch her.
Two gloves overhead
sick of days spent in bed
sketched a plan guaranteed not to bore her.
The child's birthday
(obviously nowhere near May)
was going to need budgets and planning.
Costumes were designed
a turkey was brined
and girlie dispatched to the shopping.
The child he napped
on Postfix I [...]

October 18, 2016

Headlight Replacement on a C3 Corvette

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A brief howto with photos on changing headlamps on a C3 Corvette. Nothing particularly exciting.

We don't have a security problem, we have a branding problem!

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Despite living in the boonies near the very end of the train line against which the old-school Clackamites once railed for the inevitable flooding of their precious suburb with the carless poor (trans in local cant), and debarking from my morning train in the hairiest armpit of downtown Portland1, the most active hostility I encounter [...]

October 9, 2016

[UPDATE] Mimisbrunnr: last block received

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Minor updates and a bit of bragging.

October 7, 2016

Least-Effort Signups in Django

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It's wwwtronix hell weekmonthyeareternity at Cascadian Hacker! Lean on the pony-ass magic of Django to do more with less code. The world didn't need all that code anyways...

October 5, 2016

[ANN] Mimisbrunnr (v1): a block slicer

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I am proud to put at The Republic's disposal a www-tronic block slicer: please direct your attention to Mimisbrunnr's home to see it in action. The `lynx` browser chokes particularly spectacularly on HTML tables, and I recommend not using it for the human-readable pages Mimisbrunnr outputs.
I call this version of Mimisbrunnr a "slicer" and not [...]

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