Stolen Russian Darknet Funds Sent to Ukraine Charity

By Mark Hunter

4 days agoTue Dec 27 2022 09:38:09


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  • A hacker has actually diverted funds taken from a Russian dark web market to a Ukraine charity
  • Alex Holden took over $25,000 in bitcoin from the website through a concealed technique
  • Holden diverted the funds to a Ukraine charity assisting older people

A hacker who took funds from a Russian dark web exchange has actually diverted the funds not to his checking account however to the war versus Russia. Alex Holden, a Ukrainian-born cyber intelligence specialist and the creator of Hold Security, informed Forbes recently that he hacked into Solaris, among Russia’s biggest online drug markets, with assistance from his group at Hold Security. This led to bitcoin worth over $25,000 being taken, which Holden has actually sent out to a Kyiv charity targeted at assisting the older generation in the city.

Holden Hacked Solaris

Holden supplied couple of information about how he hacked into Solaris, specifying just that he took control of much of the web facilities behind Solaris, consisting of some administrator accounts, got the site’s source code, and accessed a database of the website’s users and drop-off places for drug shipments.

Holden and his group had the ability to get to the “master wallet” of the Solaris market, which was utilized by purchasers and dealerships to deposit and withdraw funds and worked as the platform’s cryptocurrency exchangeDue to the fact that of the high turnover, the wallet normally ran out than 3 at any offered time. Holden was able to take 1.6 from the wallet and send it to Enjoying Life. In addition to the taken funds, Hold Security likewise contributed an extra $8,000 to the structure.

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Solaris Backing Russian Efforts

Solaris is likewise thought to have connections to the hacking group Killnet. After Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine in late February, Killnet became among Russia’s “patriotic” hacker groups, vowing to target Ukrainians and their fans. In addition to assaulting targets in Ukraine, Killnet has actually likewise performed a variety of attacks in the United States, consisting of on airport and state federal government sites and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The group has actually likewise targeted the Eurovision Song Contest, the Estonian federal government, and Italy’s National Health Institute.

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