OKX Publishes Second POR Report, Setting New Standard For Transparency

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On December 22nd, OKX, the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, released its 2nd Proof of Reserves (PoR) on its site. The exchange stated that it would release PoR on or around the 22nd day of monthly as part of its dedication to openness.

According to journalism release, now, users might utilize open-source tools on the site to see and separately confirm the exchange’s 2 PoR outcomes.

On November 23rd of last month, OKX released its very first proof-of-reserves page, permitting clients to analyze its reserves and identify whether it is solvent. It takes place at a time when crypto exchanges are under closer examination following the death of FTX.

Do not trust, confirm → OKX Proof of Reserves (PoR) is LIVE. To set a brand-new requirement of openness, threat management and user defense, we’re releasing our very first PoR. You can now validate your possessions are backed 1:1 on #OKX ⤵ Details


For users to examine the exchange’s reserves, the proof-of-reserves page supplies 2 unique approaches. The very first makes it possible for consumers to rapidly see a breakdown of the exchange’s present possessions and liabilities for its significant 3 cryptocurrencies, consisting of Bitcoin, Ether ETH, and Tether.

“View My Audit” is the 2nd option. The user might check in and get a photo of their balances as they presently stand at the exchange.

OKX PoR, New Features

Users might now examine the reserve ratios for brand-new and historic information in OKX’s PoR due to the brand-new functions. They can likewise download the files including brand-new and historic information when they self-verify on-chain possessions.

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In addition, users will have access to both the most present upgrade and all previous PoR information following each PoR publishing. Present reserve ratios for OKX reveal that it owns 101% of Bitcoin, 103% of Ethereum, and 101% of USDT.

3 essential possessions are covered by the exchange’s Merkle tree PoR plan, and 1:1 reserves have actually constantly been kept on hand. Over 90% of holdings are represented by them, according to the exchange Nansen control panel, which likewise reveals other properties.

For the exchange’s PoR program to be transparent, it has actually been releasing its 23,000 addresses openly so individuals can see what is going on. Its procedure is open source and offered to all who want to see it on GitHub.

OKX CMO Haider Rafique, stated:

Publishing PoR results on a month-to-month basis reinforces our dedication to lead the market when it concerns openness and trust. At OKX, our company believe that PoR needs to be proven through open source tools so that users can self-verify the balances and ownership of our reserve addresses.”

Market individuals stated that POR reports launched by crypto exchanges in the wake of FTX’s death are misinforming given that there is just so much that can be done to ensure the monetary stability of a central crypto business.

As an outcome, the U.S. SEC is inspecting cryptocurrency companies’ audits more carefully to warn financiers who may have been comfy with audits such as POR reports, as reported by TronWeekly today.

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