Bitcoin has a hard time however Okcoin CEO believes 3 drivers will make it bullish

  • Bitcoin has actually steadied above $16,000

  • Okcoin CEO anticipates Bitcoin’s bearishness to be driven by crucial advancements

  • The cryptocurrency might come under pressure after falling listed below moving averages

No Santa Claus rally for Bitcoin (BTC/USD) fans? This is the clearest indication as theBTC rate crashed listed below the moving averages. In spite of bulls effectively protecting $16,000, Bitcoin is far from a bullish market. The CEO of the crypto exchange Okcoin is tossing insights on what to look at for a bullish Bitcoin motion.

Hong Fang believes that the requirement for strong financial systems would drive Bitcoin and crypto. According to the Okcoin CEO, the failures and imperfections of the existing centralised currency systems might stimulate bullish markets. Currently, a couple of nations are checking their financial systems with Bitcoin and crypto. The noteworthy ones in this pack are El Salvador and the Central African Republic. Will more nations sign up with? Fang believes so.

The 2nd occasion is the Bitcoin cutting in half occasion in 2024. Fang questions whether it is coincidental that previous halving occasions have actually been connected with bullish crypto markets. In this regard, he anticipates the next cycle to be related to a bullish market for Bitcoin.

There is the last and 3rd bullish trigger– usage cases. The CEO states a great deal of jobs continue to be developed in crypto in a bearish market. He anticipates the jobs being developed today to be the next trigger of the bull cycle.

From Okcoin CEO’s ideas, it is clear that he describes the BTC’s long-lasting focus. A technical outlook paints a various photo of the brief term.

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BTC cost outlook and analysis

BTC/USD Chart by TradingView

A technical outlook reveals Bitcoin having a hard time after a minor descent. The moving averages are offering resistance to the BTC cost. The RSI stays listed below the midpoint.

Is BTC set to touch lower rates?

Bitcoin does not have a directional motion. $16,000 is the cost to see, although the cryptocurrency has actually stabilised at this level. On the bullish side, $19,000 is the cost ceiling. A healing above might invite additional gains.

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