January 25, 2018

The Scourge of Abortion in Equalitarian Cultures

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Elective abortion is an unholy scourge upon the land. Not because "it's murder!" or any other Jewish pearl-clutching, but because in the progressive lands of enlightenment (which is to say everywhere American sex-ed and general pantsuitism has caught on) the culling ends at birth, and is ordered exclusively by the womenfolk. This culling of the obviously-deformed by 24 weeks has the culturally abhorrent effect of convincing folks that the breadth of human ability is vastly narrower than it actually is.

Decades ago, the American two-party system neatly split the country into two sets of single-issue voters1, whose planks are only mutually exclusive if one takes a particular Progressive ideological point as a given. On the right, Jews; on the left, Women. In any given election, the Jews always vote for the sanctity of life, and the Women always vote for their own sovereign rights. It's hard to find fault with the herd for acting according to its own holy scriptures; the Jews have labored for millenia under an angry god who both commanded that they shalt not murder (except under exigencies that mostly boil down to "don't murder Jews"), and similarly, the Women have labored for millenia as chattel property of males, recently fighting tooth-and-nail to stake out and maintain sovereignty over their own corporeal selves on fronts ranging from rape and sexual assault to abortion.

No surprise then; the Jews and the Women will go at it hammer and tongs for as long as they both accept the sanctity of human life as the foundation of the rest of their ideologies. Jews play this as "thou shalt not murder", and Women as "get your hands off of my body".

Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly, as even the most wishy-washy reform Jew or modern American Evangelical Christian will stoutly affirm their commitment to the Ten Commandments, and most women some version of "all babies have mothers, I am or some day would like to be a mother, therefore all babies are my babies by the Extensive Property of Wannabe-Motherhood" under minimal prodding), this shared platform of progressive idealism is rotten to the core, and they have built a rotten society of pressed shitboard atop it, for it will hold naught else, and DR Horton cannot produce housing units out of anything else at the rates and prices that all of the meat issuing forth as a result demands.

Down here in the real world, "human"2 life is no more, and no less valuable than "canine" or "feline" or any other life. Death comes for us all myriadly, and by and large all attempts to thwart him with legislation and safety regulations are doomed to either outright failure or to distort the market of reality in unknowable ways, what you might know as "the law of unintended consequences". Wholly granted that traffic deaths are down significantly from their lofty heights before the US mandated Ford ship cars with seatbelts, but neither you nor I will ever see any statistical analysis that can untangle the spittoon of factors at play there. What about the next step, mandating the use of those selfsame seatbelts: again granted that lives were saved, but is anyone you give half a shit about clamoring to spend time with the kind of person who goes for a ninety-MPH drive through moose country without a seatbelt?

This is the American Left's unforced (and yet inevitable) mistake in its implementation of elective abortion: they flattened their own apparent fitness distribution. Mark the words carefully, they didn't actually flatten the fitness distribution, they simply put tools into the hands of the ever-more-impoverished breeders to selectively eliminate the most glaring flaws of the genetic lottery (flaws that will surely cost dearly, instead of the hoped-for outcome of childrearing that they contribute more to one's decline than they cost in one's youth) and only if done before the 24th week, a completely arbitrary number.3

Moreover, trimming the bottom fifth sigma isn't even the worst thing in the world, either for the parents who elect, or for the cultures made of parents who elect. As the man says, "There's a way to go yet, decaywise". The scourge only rears its conjoined head when people elect in the context of an equalitarian political regime; which is to say one dedicated to the religious notion that "everyone is equal". You see, once upon a time, that which we today casually vacuum out on a statistical likelihood hobbled around under its own limited power, lending living proof to the distribution of abilities.

Absent the shambling horrors, the American Left is utterly free to believe in a flat distribution of ability. The men and women who make the world go round are just lucky, you see, lucky like the Kardashians. Lucky like Obama. Obama's just another ordinary guy like you or me, except that he worked way hard and went to the right schools. Steve Jobs, Sean Carter -- just ordinary lucky guys. It's definitely impossible that they could have been several times smarter than everyone around them when it mattered.

The Jews still understand, but they take the other side of the trade. Sure, some of the kids come out fucked up and die a few weeks later. Some plain crap out during a casual game of footie, or even off themselves in horror at the uncaringly bleak world and a timely realization of their own inadequacy and brokenness. The particularly demented modern Christians will go so far as to martyr themselves on the cross of a child with an extra chromosome. A "blessing", they call it. "My angel", elsewhere.

At the end of the day though, the left has produced a great deal of male biomass to dispose of, and all sorts of hangups about the value of human life. Not much by way of a better world, though.

  1. No, nitwit, it's not the 99% vs the 1%, it's two parties of 0.5% and flexible makeup pitting the two teams of ~44.5% against each other []
  2. Quotes here because in Republican parlance, "human" life is all that matters, and being called "human" or "person" or "man" or "woman" by ones peers or more importantly, superiors instead of any of the other common slights some of the highest praise possible. []
  3. Have you noticed, by the way, how statists love these entirely arbitrary numbers?
    BAC? age of consent? PPM CO2 in the atmosphere? They love the magic for marvelous reasons; arbitrary magic numbers make excellent wedges to split the people from each other for one, for another cops cannot be trusted to use their judgement or exercise discretion lest the doors to corruption open (as if they're not already flapping in the wind; but this is how the Pantsuit does: they seek to distract you from the thieving they do with their NGOs, grant-chasing organizations to "make the world a better place!", and defense contractors by constantly banging the drum that "we are at the forefront of eradicating corruption!"). []

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