January 11, 2017

PDX Snowpocalypse 2017

Filed under: portland — Benjamin Vulpes @ 7:53 p.m.

Rare indeed is it that Portland gets snow in any amount, much less great amounts. Less than two inches has been known to grind the city to a halt, sending overconfident California transplants in big trucks and no snow tires slide around like children in a bumper car arena. The city is so underprepared that an enterprising young man could make a fortune in those years where snow does happen by simply having a shitty pickup with a plough mount (and plough of course lying around somewhere) and motoring around the well-capitalized-but-underserved-by-city-infrastructure West Hills, offering to clear any given street for a relative pittance (I think 1500 bucks would be the right number; just never tell the person who answers the door honestly how much you've collected so far and any well-chosen street should yield over 5 grand).

But I digress. We are (Edward) snowed in! Behold:

last night

this morning

Somewhat different angles, but you get my drift.

Bon snowpocalypse!

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