January 16, 2018

Were you looking for me?

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It started, as so many magical things do, in #trilema. A wild camho appeared, but upon investigation and to much disappointment, the 'ho in question revealed its final form to be that of the XY type. Some trolling was engaged in; the trap in question got butthurt and spent some time bothering me in PM:
ben_vulpes: [...]

October 21, 2017


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I got my FUCKGOATS some time ago; it is a hardware "true random number generator" that Stanislav (aka asciilifeform) designed and built to be as auditable and user-moddable as is sensibly possible; a marvelous achievement in the era of unmoddable and unfixable boxes.
Because I don't know much about how Linux works, I compiled my primary [...]

August 18, 2017

primorial zoop!

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Mircea Popescu asked for computations of the largest primorial to fit within first 515 bytes, and then 4096 later for reasonable reasons having to do with RSA padding and machine word widths. And so my adventures in remedial mathematics continue, with an implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes (which, no, I also had never heard [...]

June 30, 2017

The End of Emissions Control

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"Diesels: reliable startup and operation, high power, and low emissions: pick two".
Every single step along the road to the software-controlled car made perfect sense in its own context, and nobody could have predicted that baking what were once called "general purpose computers" into the automobile would result in the megastate's complete and humiliatinng defeat on [...]

June 12, 2017

blooming beasts!

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Dude you have to get a load of these bushes my plantwitch ensorcelled:

To the left and at the bottom, what will probably turn out a solid brick of carrots (I kid, the patch is meticulously thinned), enough to get us through the winter and into spring completely sick of the root. Up from the carrots [...]

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