January 25, 2017

"Hey kid, want to buy some VERBOTEN HATE SPEECH?"

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Guest post courtesy of $bzprtnr.

*Picture of sketchy dude in hat and trench coat, Rick and Morty voices.*

"Hey kid you wanna buy some VERBOTEN HATE SPEECH?"

"Wha-what’s that, mister?"

"Check it out I’ve got: national politics is a distraction; maybe democracy isn’t the best way to run a country; and the wage gap is statistically attributable to women leaving the workforce to raise children."

"Uhhh ohh that sounds uh, pretty good what else you got?"

"Protests are stupid and don’t change anyone’s mind; everything should be free; and the first standard deviation of human intellectual capability is wider than any democrat has ever imagined."

"Whoa uh, wow that’s some pretty serious stuff. Uhhhh what’s in that pocket?"

"Oh this, this my favorite trio, but uh, you got to take them all at once."

"Huh okay, wha-what uh, what are they?"

"Necessity of war for producing quality male specimens, inextricability of rape and pillage, and the unquenchable demand for pillage."



  1. Spill Gates says:

    Why did SM use boost templates at all?
    Looking at the BC code bases gives me a
    headache. Perhaps some "oldskul" programmers
    can bang things into shape. Oh yah, they
    would never release their versions, since
    why tell others how to build the bomb.

  2. Benjamin Vulpes says:

    T-thanks for commenting?

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