January 27, 2017

Gaze upon their works, ye mighty, and tremble

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Chock full of fear, they stand at the barricades ready to resist...but precisely what is unclear, and as far as "how" goes, no more than a hissy-fit has emerged so far (archived).

Astonishingly uneducated, barely literate in most cases, accustomed to compassion and handouts from all and sundry, the body politic's weathervaning frightens them deeply. "Tax cuts mean service cuts", except for how there is no connection between tax receipts and United States Government expenditures (the deficit may increase or decrease from time to time, relative to the previous period but the absolute indebtedness of the US relentlessly and monotonically simply increases).

Everything must be free, except speech.


  1. I found the whole thing amusing, especially the taxi hallucination, the rape delusion & the visual scents (punctured by sitting down in a tub of cat piss).

    It is interesting that after ~10 years of methamphetamine abuse he can still write as well as he does, even if his thoughts are not particularly noteworthy. Perhaps if an ~adlai (someone who knows some mathematics/programming) were to try this we would get some useful results.

  2. Neither. How dimensionless do you think I am!?

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