October 23, 2016

Halloween pre-fab

Filed under: bad poetry — Benjamin Vulpes @ 4:19 a.m.

The girl barreled out
fresh from a long bout
'gainst a strep' that wanted to torch her.

Two gloves overhead
sick of days spent in bed
sketched a plan guaranteed not to bore her.

The child's birthday
(obviously nowhere near May)
was going to need budgets and planning.

Costumes were designed
a turkey was brined
and girlie dispatched to the shopping.

The child he napped
on Postfix I hacked
and took the old dog dog a-romping.

Fast forward past bedtime
(kiddo really hates bedtime)
that marvelous girl now is hatting.

I am to be the Dad Hatter this Halloween.

I am to be the Dad Hatter for Halloween this year! Accompanied by the prettiest Alice you've ever laid eyes on and the world's most adorable White Rabbit. Costumes are coming along quite well, thank you very much.