January 11, 2017

Best ecommerce landing page of 2017

Filed under: webdev — Benjamin Vulpes @ 9:46 p.m.

I have discovered a gem: Chrome loads and parses the DOM within 166 ms, and the whole page loads over my residential straw of an internet pipe in 2.22 seconds1.

It even works without JavaScript.

Nobody ever said that you have to import all of the Frontend Community's bad decisions to sell online, and if you're all just reselling crap from China anyways it's a race to the bottom and companies with the low ongoing costs (eg, refrained from biting off expensive-to-maintain "cutting-edge dynamic browser experiences") will beat the pants off those whose websites go down For Reasons or only work on the fastest modern computers running the absolutely latest version of Chrome.

  1. For contrast, a highly unscientific sampling of other Web 2.0 properties:

    site dom load full load 1.83s 9.91s .781s 1.58s .635s 1.16s 2.80s 12.76s .653s 1.55s .427s .427s

    Gaze ye at the runner-up: Bing. Not only is it faster on homepage load but it's been giving me better results than Google of late. The fuck kind of weird world do I live in anyways. []

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