November 17, 2016

[ANN] a mailhole

Filed under: projects, tmsr — Benjamin Vulpes @ 2:04 a.m.

For the glory of The Republic, I present an implementation of Mircea Popescu's idea, a mailhole1 .

It's pretty simple, there's not much too it. Anyone may send email to any address @ Email to will show up at

- mail older than 30 days is purged weekly
- only the first "message part" and the first header is shown
- email sucks, and is a miserable dinosaur of a comms medium. gossipd whennnnn

If your emails don't show up, drop by #trilema and bug me there.

  1. Incidentally, this makes a data point as well: time from "hey this would be neat" to "deployed wwwtronix" in just under a month. For context, 90% of the work was in reading through the dbmail DB definitions and thinking for more than five minutes about what parts of the messages to show. Long story short, the classic email implementation of attachments is total garbage, and when gossipd ever gets an implementation the whole shebang will be eaten along DNS and the rest of the star topology. []

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