May 28, 2018

American unrest mitigation: 1990-????

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"Did you see that ICE lost over 1,400 children?"

"Heh, do you mean that 'the criminal enterprise masquerading as the United States Government embezzled 1,400 children into their private human-trafficking operation?"

"Kill them all."

It's a hard world out there for the lefty mom more inclined to mothering and gardening than shivering the panes of illusion with which the American state wards our big zone. It's no accident that, caught between the deep biological drive to savage anyone who touches the children and the (entirely understandable, if never acceptable) drive to build the safest possible world for the kiddos, they retreat into senselessly scrolling placative pngs instead of grappling with their systems' contradictions. Today's being: "how do you square the moral imperative to shoot every ICE agent with the 'gun control' plank?"

It's a trick question: you can't. For so long as the fools who consent to be governed consent, and consent, and consent to the expansion of America's statal monopoly on force, you will not only continue to suffer at the hands of the police state (losing your children to the mildest imprecation of the most incompetent employee at the day cares that call themselves schools, while the same soi-disant Protection Services turn a blind eye to outright abuse and neglect), but you also implicitly endorse and extend the "systemic oppression of minorities in America". Not that oppression and victimhood are useful models to concieve of the world, but "gun control" does nothing if it's not the foundation of cops' ability to shoot at will without fear of reprisal.

"Who's going to do the shooting? Not us, right?"

"Given that most white folks never come in contact with the government agencies responsible for keeping the underclasses in line except ever so tangentially when they escape their carefully-guarded theme parks and steal the odd car, it probably won't ever be anyone you or I know personally. There's a pertinent proverb from the Russian Church that Stan likes to quote: 'Salvation of the drowning is work for the hands of the selfsame drowning'; and MP's take on it is that 'Perdition of the drowning is the work of the hands of the selfsame drowning' which answers your question quite neatly: only once Americans preemptively shoot cops at traffic stops will anything about the 'systemic oppression' the tumblr-left carp about begin to change."

The proverb and its inversion deserve a bit more expansion. Not only are you to take from it that that nothing that guilt-ridden white Americans do can ever change anything about the misery of American apartheid for the African-American (or Mexican, or trans, or or or...), but also that the only folks who can start fixing things are the oppressed themselves. The contradiction y'all must resolve is that only when cops and the federal gendarmerie that ICE, DHS and INS are morphing into step outside their armored vehicles only under duress and quaking in their boots can the oppressed minorities of America begin to make strides towards the world of equality for which you pray on Twitter every day.

All of which is to say: if you really think that black lives matter, and aren't simply engaging in low-cost virtue signaling, why did you take away their guns and give the local cops armored personel carriers?

Were I you, I'd not wait for traffic-stop shootings. Just as the lizards have driven wedges in any crack they can in the herd to keep them squabbling over non-issues like trickle-down economics or the oldest age at which one may terminate offspring (after they can successfully defend themselves, duh!) instead of thinking about how completely fucked they are, the lizards have an excellent program in place to ensure nobody figures out that the only way to fight violence is with more violence.

First, assume the sale of an ideology that puts all life on a pedestal, and laments all death as senseless waste. Second, predicate acceptance to any institutions of "higher learning" on the recitation of the planks of said ideology, along with some other trivia to make the charade just barely not risible on its face, and possibly a smattering of basic algebra for the "STEM" programs. Third, invent or suborn a set of tournament markets to seduce the smarties the "education system" failed to filter out of the general population1 and render them impotent by distraction or destruction. Finally, outlaw an arbitrary set of recreational chemicals, build a massive empire of nightmarish prisons, and give law enforcement carte blanche to work members of the underclass trading in outlawry over to whatever degree LE feels like it on a given day (side bonus: this both employs the grunts of the majority that'd otherwise have been burnt off in the flames of war, and raises the stakes on stepping outside of the legal trades so that most folks end up picking the nominally safer tournament markets).

Now everyone who might think for half a day and realize that it's impossible to reconcile the karmic fate of employees of the criminal organization masquerading as a government with the ideology of gun control is safely sequestered in and indoctrinated into The Academy in America (or, at the very least, had to transit it, risking infection with pantsuit ideology in search of the medical degrees or the Juris Doctor); all not so shortsighted as to enter the drug trade are safely contained within professional sports; the shortsighted but nonviolent enter the aforementioned tournament markets; and some small fraction (and it's gotta be a small fraction, market demand for drugs just doesn't justify anything other than a tiny number of people working the machine) ends up in trades unregulated by the American state.

Armed drug dealers (coincidentally, one of the few groups willing to operate outside the weak guarantees of American law) are the only people even remotely capable of turning the tide here. Is it any wonder that the Feds are calculating what Universal Basic Income'd be just the right amount of money to reduce that population by eighty percent without hiring more police? Does anyone marvel that the funding sources for extra-statal power structures like marijuana, MDMA, and the highly-refined and prescription-only uppers are drying up via legalization and regulation?

Totalitarian states demand total obedience from the governed, and America will get it, by hook or by crook. The ratchet of totalitarianism only turns in one direction, no matter how you vote.

  1. Tournament markets have a tiny fraction of winners, and everyone else loses everything. Electrical work isn't a tournament market; most electricians make about the same as other electricians in their speciality and geography. Pop music, tenure-track academics, and "professional" sports are all quintessential tournament markets: most people aren't Britney Spears, but waste their lives waiting tables and going to auditions; most people don't achieve tenure, but waste their lives on adjuncthood; most people don't win the Super Bowl, much less a lucrative advertising deal, but are forced to retire at thirty nevertheless with broken bodies and rattled brains. A few winners split the whole pot, and most players go bust. []

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