March 28, 2014

Havelock Freezes NEOBEE Trading, ThickAsThieves Steps Down as Fund Manager

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Havelock Freezes NEOBEE Trading, ThickAsThieves Steps Down as Fund Manager

Havelock Investments made the following (abridged) announcement today:

Havelock Investments has been formally informed by the Pass-Through Fund Manager of NEOBEE that the compliance officer of Neo and Bee Ltd has stated that due to an increase of abnormal activity on the LMB share platform, there may be a high possibility of questionable trading activity. While Neo and Bee Ltd investigate the issue further they have strongly recommended that we halt trading and transfers.

Havelock Investments has halted the NEOBEE fund and is awaiting further instructions from the issuer.

This likely seals the NeoBee bitbet, which one can only assume some far-thinking fellow placed to hedge against the risk of the operation falling over on its face, delisting or doing a runner with the money.

Further interesting developments: ThickAsThieves, the one-time operator of other Havelock pass-through assets such as AsicMiner has also stepped down from operating the NeoBee fund as well:


TAT Investments, ThickAsThieves, terminated any affiliation and contractual obligations with LMB Subsidiaries and Neo today, March 28, 2014. All questions about LMB Subsidiaries, Neo, and the NEOBEE listing should be directed to LMB, Neo employees, or Danny Brewster, CEO. As Havelock Investments has indicated, there has been indication of suspicious trading activity, and Neo has recommended the halting of all transfers and trading.


Please forgive the crazy insider baseball.

NeoBee are either, depending on the people you ask either a giant scam looking to raise as much BTC as they can on the scam exchanges a la CaVirtEx before doing a runner with the cash or a totally legitimate operation who are going to protect Europeans and Cypriot citizens from further haircuts1 by using Bitcoin.

But in the meantime, their "stock" has been suspended from trading on Havelock and their main point of contact in the Bitcoin space is pointedly refusing to answer any questions at all about what precisely is going on.



Although how precisely this is supposed to work when the operation in question is a registered slave to the fiat systems of Cypress and the EU is up for question…

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