December 25, 2015

[ANN] WOTPASTE Alpha (oh and I found another fucked up corner of GPG...)

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[ANN] WOTPASTE Alpha (oh and I found another fucked up corner of GPG...)

I present the entirely unimaginatively named WOTPASTE!

In a fit of pique at Windows-style CRLFs complicating Bitcoin Foundation work yet a-motherfucking-gain, I hauled off and implemented a classic "three curls and a grep" solution of my own to the lack of an accountable pastebin operator in the WoT (because clearly, I don't have enough to do what with the muscle car, new mother and child. Oh, and mod6 asked for one.). I'm damned confident that it won't shit CRLFs1 (or anything other than regular old unix newlines) into the output, but also look forward to being horribly surprised at how some slip through anyways.

Expect brief no-notice outages over the next few days while I flatten rough spots and tend to operational tasks. In the absence of feedback leading to material design and implementation changes, I expect it to be stably up, robustly backed up and reliable by January 1st.

Have at! Holler in #bitcoin-assets if things don't seem right to you.



As an aside, did you catch my discovery-of-old-news-new-only-to-me in the logs the other day? It turns out that one can freely convert clearsigned GPG documents forth and back between Unix newline and Windows "carriage-return linefeed" newline semantics without invalidating the signatures. This means one can produce 2 files that are identical to a casual inspection, but whose SHA's are entirely different, that both validate.

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