May 17, 2015

lords of cascadia

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lords of cascadia



Downsides of stewarding a pitbull through life include never really letting the poor guy off leash in public, as his velocity and muscle density terrify pretty much everyone. The day those photos were taken, I tied knots in a rope and let him chew them off. I didn't notice until much later that he was actually eating the rope as well. Upsides of keeping a pit around involve not having to worry about his intestines as he's proved himself entirely capable of digesting more or less anything.

Don't worry. Photos of the rope poops are forthcoming.

how to process bitcoin transactions for your webapp (or: the ghetto watch-only-wallet)

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how to process bitcoin transactions for your webapp (or: the ghetto watch-only-wallet)

(This post hardly deserves to be written. However, I've had to explain this to people several times now, so here we are.)

If you're going to build a webapp that has something to do with Bitcoin, you've got no excuse but ignorance and poverty for not running your own node. No APIs, no external parties! Your app - your payment processing. Do it right!

  1. Pick a bitcoind to run.

    While this will take you the most time, it is probably the least important part of the project. Don't use any post-0.8.6 releases of the mainstream client, 0.7.3 is entirely adequate. The Go implementation by Conformal is solid and well-tested and I've read at least some of its source and tests without my eyes bleeding and falling out of my skull (hey I have to earn my negrating!). Again, you'll spend a lot of time on this, and it ultimately doesn't matter.

  2. Turn it on and let it sync.

    This will feel interminable. Come hang out in #bitcoin-assets and complain about life with the rest of us.

  3. Implement logic in $blub
    • ask your node for the latest block
    • look for transactions to addresses of interest
    • diddle your database appropriately

And you're done! If you want to get fancy, run multiple nodes in tandem and compare their results.

May 16, 2015

electronics hack night featuring the twiddler and asciilifeform's TRNG

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electronics hack night featuring the twiddler and asciilifeform's TRNG

trinque brought his "twiddler":


$bizpartner soldered me up a USB/serial device (we squabbled briefly about who got to do the actualy iron-work, but since the TRNG is mine I lost the squabble in question):


Which got me all set up to do some testing of asciilifeform's TRNG:


May 2, 2015

A brief history of the Bitcoin Foundation's activity from 10/2014 through 4/2015

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A brief history of the Bitcoin Foundation's activity from 10/2014 through 4/2015

Last October (after my foray into bitcoind archaeology), mod6 and I took stewardship of the Satoshi, issuing a build of what we call the "Reference Implementation".

A rough chronology:

  • October
    • I publish an overview of changes to the Satoshi codebase since 0.3.1
    • Mircea Popescu proposes that mod6 and I head up what turns into the sanest collection of work on the Satoshi codebase.
    • mod6 and I publish the charter for La Serenissima's Foundation, determined to draw and hold a line against further USG-sponsored shitgnomery
    • mod6 and I contract with jurov to handle Foundation funds
    • asciilifeform transmits "chicken", the manifest of which mod6 uses to prune the USG Foundation's codebase into (some semblance of) sanity.
    • jurov builds and deploys a gpg-enabled mailserver for the Foundation
    • dignork submits the first patch to the Foundation's mailing list, backporting a fix for the mining overflow bug
  • November:
    • mircea_popescu publishes the Bitcoin Declaration of Sovereignty
    • asciilifeform pushes a mess of patches to the turdolator
    • mod6 reconfigures BDB to pass the wedge at block 252450
  • December:
    • Bastard block memory exhaustion bug surfaces
    • the Foundation starts working to cut a "release"
  • January:
    • myriad scripts and patches to said are written
    • asciilifeform writes `` and patches the Satoshi makefile for cross-architecture compiling
    • asciilifeform backports the orphanage burner
  • February:
    • asciilifeform writes a patch snipping DNS from the Satoshi codebase
    • asciilifeform starts publishing notes from his work on the Pogo project
    • The Foundation discovers that Bitcoin depends on a specific version of OpenSSL (1.0.1g is what we're working with for now)
  • March:
    • People insist that static builds are a hard requirement, Foundation gets to work
    • The Foundation releases a source tarball as a base for further work
  • April:
    • asciilifeform discovers that: GCC is not producing static builds due to "getaddrinfo" and "gethostbyname" dependency on system libraries at runtime, gcc + libnss madness
    • Everyone knocks off to get their shit together in preparation for the conference

That's all!

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