March 19, 2014

The Tragedy of Remote Hands - 'Canadian Bitcoins' robbed of 143.94฿

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The Tragedy of Remote Hands - 'Canadian Bitcoins' robbed of 143.94฿

Someone robbed CB of 143.94฿, by essentially phoning in and asking the data center operation staff to reset their hardware into a mode allowing for open access.

Having worked with a few actual data centers with actual servers in them1, I can attest to the typical competence level of their staff. Generally, the folk on the floor in these operations are only recently not burger flippers, punk rock musicians racking boxen to pay the bills, or young folk who've tripped and fallen into a lucky thing.

The tragedy of 'remote hands', as we call them in the trade, is that as soon as they've achieved a base level of competence one of the big data center operators swoops in and sucks them out. The DC spends all this money on the kids first round of mistakes and then Microsoft or HP or Amazon or Google spots their virgin Linkedin profiles2 and moves in for the kill, thus leaving the operators of important technical equipment bereft of humans able to swing through the rigging competently.

This brings us, ONCE AGAIN, to the importance of counterparty selection in Bitcoin. Your hosting operator is a counterparty in Bitcoin, if you intend to keep coins on a server in their shop.

Perform the dilligence which is due.



Not to imply a great number of said, but you know. A few, nevertheless.


First you realize Linkedin's a thing, then you realize that you're meat for the auctioning.

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