May 18, 2014

relics of a bygone era...

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relics of a bygone era...

I found this AMAZING mug at a friend's house last night.


The mug is sculpted and the paint applied over the sculpting - the fabrication that went into those mugs baffled my poor inebriated mind last night and I spent a good ten minutes ogling it and turning it over in my hands.

But consider! Miller High Life - an ancient brand. NASA - a similarly ancient brand. A giant beer stein with insane sculptural detail and painting all over it (made in Brazil…). The thing is a relic from when America was great and did great things1.

The best part? It's #5 of a series of 5. The other four are wonderful examples of Americana as well - I wholeheartedly recommend a little internet-spelunking to find the rest.



and Miller High Life was considered a great beer? Who knows…

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