January 15, 2016

Defend the world-trashers at the expense of those doing their tiny damndest, and lets see where that gets you

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Defend the world-trashers at the expense of those doing their tiny damndest, and lets see where that gets you

Portland's a notoriously lovely place for the chronically down-on-my-luck-oh-and-also-my-face-is-covered-in-tattos-so-I'm-really-fucked-and-can't-possibly-ever-do-anything-but-beg. Long, idyllic summers, and gentle, temperate winters – I've only ever seen one homeless dude die where he was sitting one cold night (on the stairs across the street from where I lived at the tail end of my college saga), and he didn't even freeze1! Not to mention almost a half-million passers-by easily menaced2 into contributing to the beer and heroin fund.

Portland also has some hilarious laws around the use of public spaces. For instance, sleeping in public on sidewalks is (I believe) entirely legal, and the cops cannot shivvy anyone along for doing that. Far be it from Portlanders to go so far as to arrest those individuals, jail beds are scarce enough and appropriately reserved for people who engage in such unheard of crimes as armed robbery. Methheads, I tell ya.

All of this conspires to breed a truly loathsome and persistent underbelly of society in these parts. Not that every large-ish town doesn't have its fair share of people otherwise unemployable and whose company is unenjoyable by anyone other than people exactly as distasteful as themselves, but all of the above and the general niceness around P-town has let this (please afford me the poetic license to call it a) subculture metastasize to absurd proportions.

Some delightyful examples of which are trivially plucked from Springwater path's "Avenue of Terror" persists, but police hands are tied!

Terry Dublinski-Milton is a neighborhood activist and board member of the Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Association…said people are concerned about how the camps are impacting a nearby creek and environmental restoration area that volunteers have spent 20 years working to restore.

There are people who tend to their local environment, and people who destroy and pollute their local environment. These two groups will always be at odds: the former striving endlessly to turn shitholes into nice little houses, and shabby ghettos into marginally liveable neighborhoods; and the latter preying upon the former's parks for places to sleep, their churches for free meals, and generally attempting to take the nice things for which they did no work and kick the others out. Such is the law of nature: dig thyself a Mountain Home, and you may be sure that an orc horde will be coming by sometime in winter to kill your dwarves, drink your beer, and shit in your bed.

The very painful Portland weakness is to defend to the hilt any misbehavior by the orcs. It comes from an entirely understandable (if you take a step back and regard the people who make up Portland as being so steeped in the Progressive tradition of saving the souls of the poverty-stricken that they don't even realize that their ideology is in fact an ideology but hold it to be the One True Way to Manage a Group of People) if completely wrong desire and set of plans to improve the world. Unfortunately, the search for deserving poor requires that one root through a lot of undeserving poor to find them, and if you are inclined to excuse misbehavior on the grounds that "I couldn't possibly know what it's like for them", all I end up with is a city where it's somehow acceptable for the trash of the earth who can't even find a place to store their squalor in Gresham to menace the hard-working people who don't even make enough to commute by car to the metropolitan area.

The whole story of Portland's income-inequality tension is a hilarious one of the most poverty stricken enlisting the slightly-less-poverty-stricken-but-'blessed'-with-college-degrees-and-a-mission-to-heeeelp against the just barely not actually broke people America likes to call "the middle class". And 'enlisting' is probably giving the street-folk just a bit too much credit – Portland's progressives go out of their way to protect, defend, and excuse just about any idiotic public behavior one can point to of a summer day at Col. Summers. "Life is a varied tapestry, maaaan".

[Mark Mollenkopf] says he's counted up to 20 tents and has seen 'chop shop activities,' drug use, and a lot of other illegal behaviors.

Give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard. Permit near-permanent tent cities, and they'll turn into dens of iniquity and fencing of small-value stolen goods. Professional criminals steal by the truck, fence by the truck, and have enough smarts to keep it out of civilians faces. The bottom-feeders living along the Springwater corridor have, unsurprisingly, none of that subtlety or finesse.

Mollenkopf again:

"As I got about 20 feet from them they started telling me to turn around and go somewhere else, I asked that they move aside so I can pass and one of them (who I saw again this morning) yells, 'Are you kidding? Get the fuck out of here!'"

The only acceptable response is "fuck you, and here's the piece of steel with which I'm going to hit you until you get out of my way and apologize". "Oh, but Ben!" I can hear you whining from here, "That's so easy to say from the comfort of your couch with your dependents draped snoozily about the apartment, but get out there in the real world and say that!" Motherfucker, I ride a bike that has a split top bar in which I keep my U-lock. I keep it there because a) it saves about 50 seconds of fucking around with the bag on every mount and dismount, b) for menacing cars and c) for actually smacking cars that don't get the message. FIGHT ME IRL.

People for whom violence is not a way of life (and yes, this does include me) have a very difficult time understanding how to interact with people for whom violence is a way of life. The hack is simple: when interacting with the violent, either out-kill them or get out of their way. The latter option is always more appealing to the Portlander, because they're nice and violence is bad and so on. The latter option is also death to the soul: did you really just let yourself get pushed around by a hobo?

"There have been repeated attempts to get the city to act with no avail", [Dublinski-Milton] shared…

Nor will there be for the forseeable future. Pansy-ass socialists.



True story.


If you want real menacing, Portland, go to a place like New York. This country bumpkin learned right quickly to never ever shake hands with the extremely large black man on 14th street selling oversized candy bars for ten dollars each to raise money for his high school basketball team to go to the whatever at that point he's squeezing you for the cash and polite kid that you are you're looking for something to say (other than the correct response [having failed to frown him out of the way in the first place], which would be to laugh and say "No man, it ain't happenin'. Better luck with the next mark.") to get away without hurting his feelings or more importantly compromising your identity as a Nice Person.

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