November 13, 2015

Don't say tragedy of the commons. Don't say it!

Filed under: portland — Benjamin Vulpes @ 12:00 a.m.
Don't say tragedy of the commons. Don't say it!

So you have a street, and people leave garbage upon it. Because your city was once a well-ordered place where citizens handled their own garbage, this makes you very upset. Your solution:


The average vote-casting individual don't know anything, not even basics like what happens to things that are "owned by everyone" but for whose upkeep nobody is held responsible.

I'm pretty sure that this is the same person leaving the hilariously stupid "pick up after your dog" notes around the neighborhood.

This post is almost pointless, except to rehash the "frantic activity as cover for impotence" point. Look at this sign: "4th day notice", impotent screaming about trash on the corner, blablabla. Absolutely no recognition that the breakdown in civilizational services in Portland is entirely the fault of the last two generations.

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