April 11, 2014

#bitcoin-assets new WoT and voice model

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#bitcoin-assets new WoT and voice model

Updated: 1/14/2014, referencing assbot instead of gribble. My, how times change.

If you join #bitcoin-assets on today, you'll find that you don't have voice. The esteemed kakobrekla integrated channel operations with the Bitcoin Web of Trust (I told you it was important).

To achieve voice in the channel, you must have at least level 2 trust in assbot's WoT. That means either being in that linked list, or the WoT of anyone on that list. It's not terrifically difficult, mircea_popescu for one is inclined to hand out provisional 1's so that noobs can up themselves.

So, instructions on getting yourself voiced in La Serenissima:

  1. Set up nickserv services on Freenode.

    Pick a nick. Register it to an email address, set a password, set it up to kick impostors without your password off of it. Connect over SSL so's to make it just a little harder to pull your password off of the network. Use SASL if you're into that sort of thing, and if your client's set up to auth to services before joining channels. It's a deep, stupid set of trivia, managing IRC opsec, and I shan't go into any further detail on the topic here. Also, I'm personally bad at it.

    Run the following command from your IRC client to get the full rundown on nicknames and passwords and Freenode nick services at large:

    /msg NickServ help
  2. Once you have a nick and are authed to services, register with assbot.
    /query assbot
    !register <long keyid>

    Getting your long keyid is a matter of:

    gpg --keyid-format LONG -K

    assbot will respond with an OTP (one-time-pad, bit of a misnomer given the actual etymology of the one-time-pad, but whatever) for you to decrypt. Do so (this is not a GPG guide), and then respond to assbot with its contents:

    !v assbot:YOUR_NICK.register:14d6b89d1f55c1ede86b512f7db0c37db4dcdfdd2cb6658dbb9fe973802b2c86

    Or something like that.

  3. Join #bitcoin-assets and ask someone nicely to !up you.

    Don't ask for a rating just to get voice. If you stick around and have a not-miserable signal-to-noise ratio, you'll probably achieve some sort of "easy come, easy go" rating within a week. If you don't, take it as a signal from the gods that you're not meant to run with these dogs.

    Any user who's been !up 'd by one of the cool kids, and is not themselves in L2, can also be !down 'd by any of the cool kids. This is in place so that when BingoBoingo gives voice to certain trolls who drive me insane I can quash their inane babbling relatively easily.

    Remember, assbot's voicing works on a Web of Trust basis. This means having your GPG toolchain set up and readily at hand.



This is stupid way to adjust SNR for a few reasons not least that it is already solved in the IRC protocol. Chanops are a group of people the founder trusts sufficiently to regulate the conversation, deal with bad actors and operate the channel in the manner he intends. Kind of like a web of trust without the numerous failures this bullshit introduces. Default deny will prevent the channel from growing, will not deflect a motivated attack, while adding a handful of SPOFs, risks and annoyance.

It's a neat experiment in creating the perfect circle jerk, a heroic cabal of IRC bloggers and thier crony's segregated from the real world by a 14' wall of smug. Only, we can achieve this with existing tools and without slaming our balls in a door.

I write this gazing into the wrong side of a netsplit the channel silently awaiting the return of its centralised authoritarian robot.

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